Event review: The Bradford Classic 2021

2020 was probably the most difficult year for anyone involved in the events or the hospitality industry. My own company Classic Events (Bradford) Ltd stopped its events and concentrated on media work. As 2021 progressed things started to look better.

A few events started to happen from June and we started our own planning for The Bradford Classic 2021 which was been running for 17 years. Our initial planning session wasn’t very positive and lack of funding led to the decision to give it a miss for another year. But miraculously, having heard of our plight Huawei Technology stepped into the breach.

Traditionally the event takes place in August but that was impossible so we moved to September 4th. We launched the entries and within 24 hours 75% of the available places were taken. There was clearly an appetite for people to display their cars and in the end we were turning people away.

Seventeen years experience meant that we were able to put everything together quickly and thankfully our small army of volunteers stepped up to mark.

In many ways The Bradford Classic 2021 was one of the best yet. The weather was glorious, the cars were varied and everyone was just keen to have a good time. The venue (City Park) in Bradford City centre was ideal and the perfect backdrop for classic cars.

Picture Gallery:

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