Mintex Rally Yorkshire

April 8th and 9th 2022

The Mintex Rally brings back the sights and sounds of rallying of the 1960’s and 70’s. If you were one of those who followed these events around then country then this is the perfect opportunity to recapture those days and perhaps to share them with the next generation. Whether you are a participant, spectator or competitor then this promises to be a great event.

Toyota’s, Saab’s and Escort’s from the 1960s and 70s, will be the focus of the Mintex Rally 2022. The cars will line up at the Harrogate hotel base in the evening of Friday 8th before a get together for the entrants. They will then depart on Saturday morning to Church Fenton for the stages at Leeds East Airport – used as it was in period. Church Fenton will be the spectator base for the morning, with a separate entrance for spectators to a dedicated area, with the opportunity of a VIP Hospitality viewing spot from the control tower balcony.

The runways and perimeter tracks around the airfield make for both great viewing for the spectators and an interesting driving experience.

Lunch will be taken at Harrogate Rugby Club before the route continues north to other military and stately home venues used in period by the Mintex Seven Vales Rally, before returning in the early evening to the Cedar Court Hotel. The cars will again be lined up at the Hotel and the concluding dinner will take place during the evening.

A number of star drivers will take part including Yorkshire Legend Bob Bean and former Swedish Champion driver Bror Danielsson.

The organisers welcome corporate involvement in April with opportunities available, but not exclusive to, naming rights to the whole event or sections of it, guest involvement at Church Fenton or other venues, including VIP guests on the control tower balcony, guests attending the Saturday evening dinner, advertising in the event programme, a branded car taking part or a ride in the co-drivers seat of a car taking part.

For further information visit the web site.

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