Mintex Rally returns to Bradford

Saturday April 9th will see the historic rally cars taking part in Mintex Rally
Yorkshire tackle a short demonstration stage at Odsal Stadium, using entry roads
and the oval stock car track. After a short stop, they will tackle the same route
again. Look out for Yorkshire legend rally drivers Bob Bean and John Midgley,
driving Ford Escort and Porsche 911 respectively. They will be joined by other
amazing cars recalling the ‘Golden Years of Rallying’, such as Austin Healey 3000,
Minis, Saab 96, Hillman Imp, Lancia, Talbot Sunbeam, many Ford Escorts and
others. The first car should arrive soon after noon.

Mintex Rally Yorkshire is one of a series of historic rally car demonstration events
run around the UK, since 2018, by the Lombard Rally organisation. They cater for
rally cars, many of which are too valuable to be driven on competitive rallies, or
whose drivers no longer want to drive at full competitive speeds. Mintex Rally
Yorkshire is based at Harrogate Rugby Club, the route taking them first to Church
Fenton where some six runs around Leeds East Airport will be tackled, before
coming to Odsal and then moving north, all within Yorkshire.

Odsal Stadium. Audio Quatro 1984 on the circuit Photo by Roger Moody

Mintex Rally Yorkshire recalls the legendary Mintex Seven Days Rally of the the
1970s, organised locally by De Lacy Motor Club, which was one of the toughest
UK rallies, attracting drivers from all over the World, but as a more social

Contact Odsal Stadium to see the rally cars in action in the heart of Bradford.

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