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Nothing says the 1970’s like a bright orange Bond Bug. Hot summers, The Osmand’s, Chopper Bicycles, these were the icons of my teenage years. You can relive those days on the Bond Club stand where they had two fine examples of the marque (and a chopper).

It does feel that the Bond Bug could only be a product of the grooviest decade, the 70’s. Tom Karen of Ogle design was commissioned by Reliant to come up with a new car that would appeal to new younger audience. Built on a newly designed chassis it used a mixture of Reliant Regal parts, and running gear from the Reliant Robin 750.

The engine is the front-mounted 700 cc Reliant light-alloy four-cylinder unit. At launch, 29 bhp (22 kW; 29 PS) was claimed for the less expensive 700 and 700E models. The more upmarket 700ES incorporates a redesigned cylinder head, which permitted the compression ratio to be increased from 7.35:1 to 8.4:1 This provided a power increase to 31 bhp (23 kW; 31 PS) as well as improved torque for the then range-topping 700ES.

The Bond Bug was sold as being fun to drive, with the low seating position giving an exaggerated impression of speed. The Bug was, however, no cheaper than more practical cars. It cost £629, £9 more than an 850 cc Mini which went much faster round corners.

The Bond Bug was launched in 1970 and production ended 1974 after 2270 units were sold.

6 thoughts on “PCRS: Snippets

  1. Hi Mike,

    What memories your Bond Bug article brought back.

    Aged 16 I couldn’t wait to get motoring. My father forbid a motor bike ( he’d had one so knew they were dangerous!) so a rickety Reliant 750 arrived. I yearned for a Bond Bug. The Reliant was a short lived as it was so unreliable….Leaking fuel, oil, water , soaked me frequently and mis-fired most of the time. Aged 17 I shared ( borrowed ?) my elder sisters 105E Anglia which was bliss, though it broke down on my first trip out having passed my test ( 7 days after my birthday) . Modern cars are SO reliable……..taken for granted?

    Many thanks,


    Sent from my iPad



    1. My sister had one but it broke down so many times it went back after 2 days. I have just fired up the lotus for the first time in a while. Will post some pictures soon.


  2. The article with the Bond Bug has a wrong comment it first came out in 1970 and was made until 1974

    Thanks Alan Kitson



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