‘Ferrari’ Series announced by Apple TV+

By Classic Yorkshire Film and Media correspondent Bill Lawrence.

With the globalisation of Formula One, Hollywood is recognising the potential for Motorsport (and Formula one in particular) to create film and television material. Following hot on the heals of announcements of new films and TV series featuring Lewis Hamilton aand Danny Ricardo, Apple TV+ has announced a series based on the life of Enzo Ferrari.

The series is inspired by the best-selling biography Ferrari Rex by Luca Dal Monte, published by Giorgio Nada Editore and by Giunti.

The series will focus on a five-year period in Ferrari’s life. The logline reads: “Five years. Five drivers. Five deaths. One trial. In the name of passion, in the pursuit of pure speed. At the center of it all a titanic man, complex and multifaceted, who dedicated his genius to the mission of building the fastest racing car in history. Enzo Ferrari: his name became a boast, an aspiration, and ultimately legend. But there was a trail of tragedy and torment along the way.

Between 1956 and 1961, deeply wounded by the tragic death of his firstborn son Dino and by what he considered a betrayal by his lead driver Juan Manuel Fangio, Enzo Ferrari rebuilds his racing team from scratch, selecting five promising rising stars of motor racing to fight for victory.”

The Apple series is one of two big projects about Enzo Ferrari in the works. Michael Mann is directing a feature film (also titled Ferrari) that stars Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley. The film has long been a passion project for Mann.

Mieli will produce the Apple series for The Apartment Pictures, a Fremantle company, in co-production with Nicola Giuliano for Indigo Film and Fremantle. The executive producers are Mieli, Giuliano, Knight, Sorrentino, Giulio Marantonio, Lorenzo De Maio and Sollima. Author Dal Monte will serve as a historical consultant.

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