Want to go Net Zero with your classic car?

It is recognised that classic cars are an important part of our heritage as well as an important source of pleasure for their owners. They are also environmentally friendly! With annual usage below 1,200 miles a year the typical classic car produces less CO2 emissions than either your mobile phone or lap-top computer

Achieving Net-Zero does not require the replacement of classic power units. It can be achieved in other ways.

The HCVA has created a simple way for every classic driver to offset their carbon emissions. The easy-to-use platform enables classic car drivers to become environmentally friendly in three steps, starting at a cost of two pence per mile. So, if a typical classic car clocks up an average annual mileage (1,200 miles a year) this would enable the driver to offset their carbon emissions from as little as £30. The fee is then channeled towards supporting high quality, ethical carbon credit projects around the world such as afforestation and the restoration and protection of vital carbon rich peatlands and grasslands.

Whatever your offset cost, a contribution of £2 goes toward helping the HCVA campaign for the future of classic and historic vehicles and a further £2 towards the administration of the scheme by NET-HERO. Every driver using the scheme will receive a certificate and vignette to demonstrate their status as an environmentally responsible driver.


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