RACE THE WAVES at The Royal Hall Bridlington Spa, and on the foreshore outside The Royal Hall on Bridlington Sands. This is probably one of the most unusual classic car events you will get to see. The cars on display here are not the polished and shiny fare of most events. In fact matt black paint and patinaed rust are the order of the day.

This Family Friendly event is absolutely FREE. The Race the Waves Car and Bike Display, Retail Emporium, Entertainment and Vintage Motorbike Exhibition inside, what’s not to love!

Inside The Royal Hall in Bridlington Spa will feature around 60 Purveyors of the finest Steampunk, Alternative, Retro and Vintage, Goth Stands, Automotive Memorabilia Stands etc Live Entertainment, Tea Room, Bars, Vintage Scooters and Classic Bike Exhibition and much more.

Outside The Royal Hall on the Foreshore and Sands is a truly Retro experience and will feature vehicles exhibiting and riding on the sands in an old fashioned manner, and a veritable display of Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Vehicles and Bikes for example.


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