Buy a piece of history

FOR SALE: Tony Pond’s Monte Carlo Rally 1986 Metro 6R4


I was a huge fan of rallying in the 1970’s and 80’s and spent many early mornings in the forests watching all sorts of rally cars. Without a doubt the most dramatic were the group B cars but they were too fast and eventually they were banned. I first saw the 6R4 on the RAC rally being driven by Tony Pond. The 6R4 was a great car and this specific car is the only Group B car I have ever driven.

To purchase this rare, unique and beautiful Group B Rally Car contact David Paveley.

Viewing by appointment only: 

Tel: +44 (0)771 2626378 or email:

2 thoughts on “Buy a piece of history

  1. I love your posts.

    So interesting and varied.

    I too spent the 70’s hanging out of trees watching the RAC etc . The smell of Castro R still lingers…..😁

    Well done.


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