Record breaking Peel

I have always liked small cars. They are usually fun to drive and are always popular at car shows and events, best of all they are usually cheap. However the smallest of small cars a Peel P50, has just sold for an impressive £111,000 – believed to be the second-highest price paid for a Peel at a British auction.

This model was used in a promotional stunt going all the way to the top of the Blackpool Tower and may be the earliest model made. As a pre-production example it has a lower fitment of the windscreen, early Lucas sidelights, a cream steering wheel and no rear roll bar.

Capable of 38mph and a range of 100 miles per gallon, the 59kg car has no onboard instruments or speedometer, nor a reverse gear, relying on being lifted and turned into the desired direction by the driver. Its compact and cheeky looks make it a striking choice as a city car.

7 thoughts on “Record breaking Peel

  1. Dear Mike,

    This brought a smile to my face , remembering Clarkson driving a Peel around the BBC offices ,including the lift!

    A 59kg car? That’s the way forwards. Never minding adding a 500kg battery to cars in the vain hope of saving the planet. Colin Chapman was farsighted when he said “ add lightness”. Your Elan is a very green car, despite being blue.

    Many thanks,


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      1. If you look on Wikipedia there is notes on two Hero’s making Peel P50s at Sutton in Ashfield.


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