RML Short Wheelbase

The new RML Short Wheelbase’s Car Zero’, the very first Short Wheelbase to turn a wheel has now been put through its paces at UTAC-Millbrook . Chassis dynamics, powertrain and overall quality are rigorously assessed around UTAC’s myriad test tracks, which replicate the extremes of topography found on roads throughout the world.

UTAC’s dynamic tests are gruelling. A 2,000km stint on the High Speed Bowl provides data after the car has been driven at a constant high velocity over a prolonged period. Hundreds of kilometres of Belgian Pavé replicates some of the worst impacts that the car’s suspension will sustain, with additional ‘medium pothole’ tests thrown in for good measure. Repetitive, low-speed, manoeuvre-intense driving is also part of the programme, as are body torsion-twist tests which reveal any weakness in the car’s carbon-composite structure.

Enjoy the video of the testing and dream about your lottery numbers coming up as the retail price is expected to be between £850 000 and £1 000 000.

For more information:


YouTube videos of testing material:

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