Eastern Block Bangers

If you are of a certain age you will remember when the Eastern Block started to sell their cars in the UK as a low cost alternative to western cars. Skoda was a relatively good car as they were improved by the importers before being sold to the British Public. Customers of other brands were less fortunate.

Price was without doubt the primary motivation for buying one of these cars or motorcycles. Wartburg, Moskovitch, Lada and MZ were the other brands that sold relatively well providing valuable foreign currency for the countries of origin.

Basic cars with 2 stroke engines they had little to recommend them other than price. However with the passing of time they have generated a small but enthusiastic following amongst those who like rare and unusual cars or have a passionate interest in cold war politics.

Many of these manufacturers had a proud history of producing quality cars before the Iron Curtain descended on them. Cars were then allocated rather than sold and without market pressure to differentiate their cars, there was no incentive to invest in improvements.

Today there is a thriving movement for Eastern Block cars and some cars never imported officially into the UK are being brought in as personal imports, particularly Trabants and Tatra’s.

The Wartburg Trabant IFA club was founded in 1969 and caters for enthusiasts of cars by the IFA group. Membership is a mere £12 a year and offers all the usual benefits including, very useful discounts on 2 stroke Oil.

Further information http://www.ifaclub.co.uk

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