David Kelsall -Motorsport artist

Not many business success stories came out of the Covid lock-down, but Huddersfield artist David Kelsall used the time to start a business which is going from strength to strength and selling world wide.

David explains

For years, relatives and friends told me that I should be selling my artwork, I just thought they were being polite.

I had previously painted pets of friends but this was more of a hobby.”

“When the lockdown came, it gave me the time to think about whether I should sell my work, so I created my own website and offered Limited Edition prints of my Motorsport and Aviation artwork that I had created over the previous two years”.

David’s main interest has always been Motorsport and is an ex Rally driver himself.

“I displayed some of my Rallying artwork on Facebook groups and it went ballistic”. 

One of the first orders David received was from Holland. “A gentleman called me and explained that he owned the famous car that won the RAC Rally in 1978 and loved the painting I had done of this car. He ordered the first ten prints. 

Since then, David has sold prints of his paintings all over Europe and recently to the United States and Australia.

David said,

I was unable to take art at school, so I’m self taught which makes this a nice achievement.”

A print of one of David’s paintings like the Stig Blomqvist and Arne Hertz Saab above would cost around £35. Take a look at his website and on-line shop where you will find cars from various aspects of motorsport as well as motorcycles and other areas.


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