For those who want to create a unique mini experience then a Shortie is one way to go. Take a classic Mini, cut out the back seat section, weld it back together and one of the smallest cars on the road becomes even smaller.

I haven’t seen other Shortie’s until I visited the Practical Classic and Restoration show where two unusual models were catching the eye. Both were based on popular VW models. Neither truly fit into the classics category yet and are not rare. So creating something unique out of them is not harmful in the big picture.

Is it right, should it be at a classic car show, make your own mind up.

2 thoughts on “Shorties

  1. “ Neither truly fit into the classics category yet”

    I don’t think that anyone would argue that the MK2 Golf isn’t a classic at this point. The earliest examples are almost 40 years old and the last ones produced are 30. If that’s not classic car territory then I don’t know what is!


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