Vroom vintage and vinyl

It can be a bit difficult when you are the only classic car enthusiast in the family and they are less than enthusiastic about sitting behind a parked car in a field. The difficulties are multiplied when the kids are teenagers who need constant attention and food.

Events like Vroom Vintage and Vinyl make life just a bit easier by providing a mix of vintage stalls, clothes and a sprinkling of classic cars. Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley was the venue and, if it seems familiar it may be because it is where Sewing Bee is filmed. But Farsley also has its place in automotive history as the place where bodyshells were manufactured for David Brown’s Aston Martin business.

Sunny Bank Mills today is a business centre with a strong emphasis on arts related businesses. But with a lot of yard space, food and drink establishments and space for pop up indoor shopping it is an ideal place to hold a vintage event.

We popped along on Saturday and it was busy with a good mix of young and older vintage enthusiasts. The cars were provided by the excellent Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club. My eye was immediately drawn to a metallic blue Simca in superb condition. I can’t recall seeing one of them for years. There were cars from the 1930’s and 40’s right through to the 1980’s. The club has a very active facebook page and hold regular meetings and events. Definitely a club worth looking at if you are looking to meet fellow enthusiasts.

I must give a shout out for the Bristol. Always a rare car this one was quite spectacular and displayed its unusual spare wheel storage.

Away from the cars there was a Vintage flee market with all sorts of odds and ends. But star of the show was the vintage clothes store. Here you could rummage through an extensive collection of British and American clothes all priced by weight. You gather what you want, weigh it in and pay £20 per kilo.

On top of the cars and vintage there seemed to be a good range of street foods and alcoholic beverages.

If Farsley is within your range I would seriously consider this event next year. And, if you want to display a car then join the Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club.

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