Moss open day

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It takes a special kind of person to display a car at a classic car show. 6 hours is a long time to sit around and chat, which is why I prefer events that I can dip in and out of. Moss recently announced open days at all of its branches and promised coffee, cake and a display of classic cars.

As an added incentive Moss were offering a 15% discount on any purchases made on the day and click and collect was also available. If you have a big restoration ahead of you then this could be an attractive incentive.

When I visit a classic car business I always ask what cars the staff run. That way you can tell if it is a business run by enthusiasts. I can tell you now that the Bradford branch is definitely enthusiast run.

I arrived in my ageing MX5 (in addition to traditional British car parts Moss supply parts for the MX5) and was welcomed by branch manager Laura Harris. She was displaying her very early MG Midget, believed to be the oldest Midget on the road. What she wasn’t displaying was her racing Mini as it was on it’s way to the next circuit. Laura is just starting racing again after an incident necessitating a new body shell.

Outside I was admiring an Austin Heeley 3000 built in 1962 belonging to Gary Stead, another member of the Moss team. His wife Julie, took me round just some of his collection on display which included another Austin Heeley, a TR2 and the J40 pedal car. At home there is also an MGA, a TR4A and half a Morris Minor (The car is a whole car but he shares it with a friend). A welder by profession Gary has restored all the cars.

There was a constant flow of cars arriving and departing with customers bringing along their treasures. From Hot Rods to quintessential British icons there was an interesting mix of cars on display and tales of fondly remembered classics still sitting in the garage. I reckon the average number of classic owned by this bunch of enthusiasts was 5 each.

Moss provide catalogues for many of the most popular cars they serve and an excellent web site with news and help guides. Visit their website for more information and next time you see an open day advertised, pop round for cars, coffee and chat.

Click on image to see full size pictures.

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