RML Short Wheelbase

The new RML Short Wheelbase’s Car Zero’, the very first Short Wheelbase to turn a wheel has now been put through its paces at UTAC-Millbrook . Chassis dynamics, powertrain and overall quality are rigorously assessed around UTAC’s myriad test tracks, which replicate the extremes of topography found on roads throughout the world. UTAC’s dynamic testsContinue reading “RML Short Wheelbase”

London to Mexico Rally 1970

Anniversary celebration 2020 was the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest motorsport events of its day, the Daily Mirror World Cup Rally from London to Mexico. As well as professional teams there were celebrity pairings, all designed to generate publicity for the 1970 World Cup. But don’t think that the presence of celebrities meantContinue reading “London to Mexico Rally 1970”

Classic car brochures – bringing your dream to life’

By Classic Yorkshire columnist Tony Lofthouse. I admit it, as a young car ‘geek’ of the 70s collecting car brochures seemed the coolest thing! It brought buying your dream car that bit closer. Picking up brochures from local dealerships or writing off for a particular favourite was always great fun. That anticipation of waiting forContinue reading “Classic car brochures – bringing your dream to life’”

Private plates proving hot investments

By Classic Yorkshire columnist Tony Lofthouse The pandemic saw sales of private number plates hit new highs – turning many into shrewd investments. Demand has seen plates change hands from anything from £150 to eye-watering six-figure amounts. It seems the last two years of home working saw more and more people turn to online auctionsContinue reading “Private plates proving hot investments”