Bentley announces Speed Six Continuation Series

It seems that with modern engineering techniques almost any vehicle can be brought back to life. That, and a substantial bank balance. We have seen a rash of recreations and continuations in recent years, some by the original manufacturers, some by specialists making recreations (definitely not copies they will tell you). Now Bentley Mulliner isContinue reading “Bentley announces Speed Six Continuation Series”

Panel business proving a big ‘hit’ with classic owners

By Classic Yorkshire correspondent Tony Lofthouse A classic car specialist that makes replacement body panels for a range of models is expanding its West Yorkshire operation. See below for a special offer for Classic Yorkshire subscribers. Ex-Pressed Steel Panels run a unique press process that is able to produce high-quality panels from its own mouldsContinue reading “Panel business proving a big ‘hit’ with classic owners”

Bentley celebrates 70 years of the R-Type Continental

Bentley is celebrating 70 years since the start of production of the R-Type Continental – one of the most celebrated cars in the company’s 103-year history, and the first Bentley to wear the Continental name. With only 208 examples produced, the R-Type Continental was as rare a sight in the 1950s as it is todayContinue reading “Bentley celebrates 70 years of the R-Type Continental”

The NSU Ro80 – a classic that left a lasting legacy

By Classic Yorkshire correspondent Tony Lofthouse A vivid memory of my school days in Leeds was seeing a stunning NSU Ro80 going out on its daily run. It was a car that broke the mould! The German manufacturer NSU, renowned for making small cars and motorbikes, really turned ‘left field’ in 1967 with the launchContinue reading “The NSU Ro80 – a classic that left a lasting legacy”

The MGB – celebrating a national treasure

By Classic Yorkshire correspondent Tony Lofthouse. What does screen hero James Bond and the equally dashing MGB sports car both celebrate in 2022? Answer, their 60th birthday as national treasures. To many classic car lovers the latter is forever a diamond too! It’s affordable, fun to drive, reliable and comes with a plentiful spare partsContinue reading “The MGB – celebrating a national treasure”

Prodrive’s to build 25 P25 Subaru Impreza’s

Whilst small sports cars are my main passion for a classic car, there is no doubt that one of the best family cars I have owned was a Subaru Impreza WRX. Capable of carrying a family to the supermarket it was transformed on a quiet road with the turbo’s gulping down fuel. Add to thatContinue reading “Prodrive’s to build 25 P25 Subaru Impreza’s”